Are you as outraged as we are about the I.R.S. Scandal?

 JOIN US tomorrow for a huge protest!

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was partnered with the inception of the IRS. This agency was created to serve as the collector for the Federal Reserve. Since all the fiat currency printed by the Fed is based in debt the IRS was needed to extract the payback on the debt by American citizens. As the US government borrows money from the Fed, Americans are forced to file various formations of the IRS Form 1040. This form gives the IRS the illegal right to seize personal income from American citizens for the purpose for paying the US government’s debt to the Fed.

[When] Saturday, May 18th
[Time] High Noon - Rally Starts, 1pm Speakers, Afterwards We March
[Where] Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
10 North Independence Mall W, Philadelphia, PA 19106
  If you are outraged about the I.R.S. join us as we protest the Fed!