You're Invited To Attend Our Monthly Meeting!


- CFL Announcements
- Book Signing. Meet the author & get a FREE book
- How to Get Active & DEFEAT Obama!
- Meet The Candidates
- End The FED
- Open Forum. This is your chance to be heard!

We are pleased to welcome Dave Westrom for a book signing. He will give a short speech about his new book
'Big Government Love and Your Money'. Come meet Dave & get a FREE copy of the book while supplies last.

Do you know who your local candidates are? Come meet them! We'll be having candidates from Montgomery County come out & speak to us about the issues they stand for & what they plan on doing. There will be a Q & A, so think of some good questions.

Confirmed so far:

1. Mike Ludwig - Candidate for State Representative of the 148th District -
2. Mike Vereb - Incumbent candidate for State Representative
of the 150th District -
3. Joe Rooney - Candidate for the 13th District, running against Queen Allison Schwartz.

Mike Salvi will be speaking to us about the huge upcoming End The FED rally. He is a true patriot! Just in case you don't know already, the Federal Reserve is the root of America's financial problems. They're no more federal then Federal Express, and plus the FED is unconstitutional! Mike was the person who organized the Philadelphia Phreedom Rally 2012 & got Ron Paul to attend and speak. He is also the organizer of Truth, Freedom, Prosperity & has a website called

When: Wednesday September 5, 2012
Time: 6:30pm (Arrive 15mns early for good seating, food & especially parking)
Where: Spamps Restaurant & Bar (Entrance is on the corner across from a parking garage. We will be upstairs in the private room.)
16 East 1st Avenue
Conshohocken, PA 19428