Ok guys this is the final push! These next 5 days will be devoted to Getting Out The Vote and educating people on the issues. I'll list what I have going on & I hope that you can make it!!!

Friday: I'm trying to secure a last minute phone bank at Spamps in Conshy from 3pm-6pm since the hurricane screwed up our Monday phone bank. I'll know if I can secure a room by late morning. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday: Join me , my group Citizens for Liberty, and Americans for Prosperity for door knocking and lit dropping. We're meeting at 12:30pm at Wawa, 705 South Trooper Road, Norristown. Look out for the yellow gadsden flag! Afterwards we'll be joining the KOP Rally on rt 202 & Mall Blvd. That ends at 4/5pm.

Sunday: This day is entirely dedicated to helping us FLOOD Montco with FreedomWorks Tom Smith signs as well as local candidates signs and lit. We'll have tons of signs for everyone!!! We'll be meeting at 1pm at Wawa, 705 South Trooper Road, Norristown. Come and get as many as you'd like.

Monday: I'll be hosting an Americans for Prosperity phone bank at Spamps in Conshy from 5-9pm. Join me for a fun filled evening and a complimentary dinner!!! This will be the final push. Remember we are not here to attack their views, we are here to educate people on the issues of how Obama's policies are bad for this country.

Tuesday: I'll be driving around to a bunch of different local, urban and Philly polls. I'm making a short video. I'll be interviewing Obama supporters and asking them select questions. One of the questions that I'm asking is "Now I'm sure that you heard of people threatening to riot if Obama loses, how do you feel about that? Do you plan on rioting?"

This should be interesting. Let's hope things don't get violent that day, but if they do I'll be sure to stay safe and record it and expose them to social media and the news.

Wednesday: My group and I will be patrolling the Norristown and local area towns. I'm calling it "Tea Party Neighborhood Watch". People are threatening to riot and loot if Obama loses, and we want to be there to protect our neighborhoods. We are asking you to do the same. Now this is no reason to be a tough guy, just pick up the phone and call 9/11. We also have to keep an eye on the police to make sure they don't abuse their authority if people start protesting.