National Break The Government Barrier Week OCTOBER 4th-11th


 Hosted by Keith Smith, Michael Heise, and Jamie Martin of the "The Big Plantation".

CFL supports this noble cause! This is taken directly from the The Big Plantation Facebook event page.

National Break The Government Barrier Week: OCTOBER 4th-11th

The government cannot shut down the woods, the lakes, the mountains, the sand, the bays, the fields, the memorials, the grass or anything they claim they own. It is there for your enjoyment.

Please, JOIN US in National Break the Government Barrier Week!

It is real simple. You do not have to be a WWII Veteran to make this happen even though they set the example.

You do not have to stop at a man made fictional barrier which tells you not to cross because of a political objective. You walk around, duck under, move barrier or walk right through it.

This event is not just for the lonely activist. Please, bring the whole family! Make a day of it, or a week of it! Have a picnic, do some rock climbing, fly a kite, ride a wave... do what ever makes you happy.

There is no VICTIMS in Visiting a park other than the people who are being victimized by the politicians in DC. BOTH PARTIES, CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT.

It matters not if your a republican, a democrat, a libertarian, a green party, an independent or an anarchist who doesn't vote.

Just go onto a search engine and find the closest National Park, Refuge or Memorial and BREAK THE BARRIER.

Take Pictures and post them on this wall so we can collect all the wonderful memories made during this Government Shutdown and make a YouTube Video!

Freedom is there in the parks and you will find it!  Enjoy yourself, enjoy the park, enjoy your freedom!