HOSTILE TAKEOVER: Activism 101 & How to Run for Office


[WHEN] Wednesday, April 17th
[TIME] Meeting starts at 7pm, doors open at 630pm
[WHERE] Giacomo's Restaurant
368 E Main St Norristown, PA 19401
(610) 277-7277


* Jackie will speak about local & state issues, and Steve will give his monthly Liberty Report.

* Ana Luiza Lannes Puig & Anastasia Przybylski from FreedomWorks will give a presentation on the following...

- Activism 101
- How to run for office
- The history of corruption within the GOP
- How to take over your local party

* Michael Kuznar will also speak about how he personally got elected to a local town committee & how you can too!

* Open Discussion... This is your opportunity to be heard! Just please don't take 10minutes to get your point across because we are on a time schedule and want to give everyone a chance to speak.

... Freedom is back in style. Welcome to the revolution!

ACTION: Call your PA State Representative. Vote for HB 357 "The bill includes felony charges against anyone – including federal agents - who try to enforce any type of gun control restriction within state borders."