Nationwide End The Fed PHILLY

The Federal Reserve is a private, unelected group of banks That was created by congress in 1913 and was given the previously congressional responsibility of money creation. Ever since, the dollar has declined in value. The Federal Reserve does this by inflation, or expansion of the money supply. this acts as a hidden tax that requires you to pay more dollars for every product and service to recoup that loss in purchasing power. In addition to this the fed artificially sets interest rates, fund the bailouts, and pick economic winners and losers. They are the biggest root cause to our failing economy, the wars, and the shredding of our Constitution.

2013 symbolizes the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve. We MUST make this a rally one to remember! Please join us in the fight for Liberty because its time to abolish this tyrannical organization that has plagued our republic for an entire century.

Confirmed Speakers and Artist:
Derrick J Freeman
Jim Babb
Josie Harris

More Info Soon!

[When]   Saturday, May 18th
[Time]  High Noon - Rally Starts, 1pm Speakers, Afterwards We March
[Where]  Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
10 North Independence Mall W, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Here's the official flyer!