Operation: Knock for the Constitution

"Help us reach our goal so that we can give away FREE Constitutions all across America. Every penny that we earn will go towards promoting Liberty!" Please donate at http://www.gofundme.com/3ykwhk

About Us

On September 21, 2013 the American people will organize rallies and also go door-to-door all across this country to speak about the document that protects ALL of our rights, the Constitution. They will organize locally giving out FREE Constitutions to their neighbors.

This would be to educate people that neither republicans or democrats follow the constitution and the long term consequences of not following the constitution.

Our mission 

To restore the ideas of Freedom that this country was founded upon. To do this we must educate our peers and strengthen our unity through understanding where we get our rights from. We are born free, government does not grant us our rights.

"There was a dream of a free land called the United States of America... that Dream shall be realized."

There are many ways to go about giving out FREE Constitutions to your neighbors.

#1. Organize a door knocking team, or several door knocking teams.

#2. You can also hold a rally promoting the Constitution and have a BIG sign that say's "Pull Over For FREE Constitutions!"

For more info, to find, or to schedule YOUR OWN local event, and to get Constitutions please VISIT www.OpKnock.US